Wednesday, July 20, 2011

When Kloo speaks...

For a movement that has been described as “…almost completely inactive.” (David Futrelle, “Dismantling the Men’s Rights Movement,” March 9, 2011), feminist gender warriors spend a hell of a lot of time trying to down play the effectiveness of the Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) and Men’s Rights Advocates (MRA’s).  Futrelle asks, "Where's the activism?"  I do believe they doth protest too much.

Who are they trying to convince?

Needless to say, such sentiments did not convince Thomas Ball, who set himself on fire because he was “done being bullied for being a man.”   The self immolation was done in protest of the justice system. (linked citation).    Ball was described as “…sweet, gentle person, just in a lot of pain…” by a lady friend of his.  Being a sweet, gentle man who was in a lot of pain didn’t score any points in Ball’s favor with the “women firsters.”  (linked citation

Amanda Marcotte, a prime example of foul mouthed self promotion, actually wrote disdainfully about Ball, metaphorically spitting on him after he died.  This is a much different reaction given by, not only mainstream feminists, but many average women regarding the Catherine Kieu episode. 

Let’s put this in context.  Catherine Kieu, with malice aforethought, calculatingly drugged her husband, restrained him on his bed, waited until he woke up and only then, when he was conscious, proceeded to castrate emasculate him.  She picked up the appendage, walked over to the garbage disposal, and with malice aforethought, liquefied his penis.  Her husband’s crime?  He sought a divorce.  When the police arrived, Ms. Kieu informed the police that her now emasculated and hemorrhaging, soon to be ex-husband, “deserved it.”

Hardly a thing can be heard over the deafening sound of crickets emanating from the feminist echo-chambers about Ms. Kieu.  In fact, the main refrain of women based internet prose ask, (paraphrasing), “What in the happy couple’s history could have forced Ms. Kieu to take such drastic, yet possibly appropriate measures?”  In the parlance of feministas, feministes and feministings everywhere, the rapid turn to victim blaming is strong in this one.

Kathryn Joyce wrote in a Double X article (November 5, 2009), “’Men's Rights’ Groups Have Become Frighteningly Effective.   They’re changing custody rights and domestic violence laws.”  She touches on the evolution of the MRM  “…[L]ately they’ve become far more polished and savvy about advancing their views.”  (linked citation)

This effectiveness was displayed recently when Men’s Rights Activists forced the hosts of CBS’s “The Talk” to apologize for imprudent comments (and laughter), celebrating Catherine Kieu’s premeditated, brutal castration of her drugged, immobile husband.  The hosts, with the exception of Sara Gilbert, and the audience cheered on Ms. Kieu and her filleting ways.  The show aired on Thursday, July 14.  On June 15, MRA’s Krazie316 and Chapin’s INFERNO posted videos on youtube attacking the segment.

On July 16, a moderator (“Kloo2yoo”) of the Men’s Rights forum (called a sub-reddit –or- r/mensrights) on the social news website Reddit submitted a link to vlogger Krazie316’s video, which discussed the July 14th clip.  This was the event horizon that focused the power of the men’s right crowd toward the singularity of action that resulted in the aforementioned apology.  From the time of its posting, outrage from redditors was focused on  CBS and The Talk.  “The segment was posted to Reddit, and from there was picked up by the blogosphere. Several blogs, including, ‘No, Seriously, What About Teh Menz,’ has asked readers to write to CBS to show their displeasure.”  (liked citation)

Besides the growing and ever more sophisticated power of MRA’s, what this little episode shows is that r/mensrights is more than just a forum.  It is the focus point of much of today’s MRA information.  Women on Reddit read r/mensrights.  Feminists read r/mensrights.  David Futrelle reads r/mensrights.  It is a compiler of diverse voices in the MRM.  r/mensrights informs much of the MRM, and sets the tone of the opposition.  r/mensrights matters. 

PS:  The "apology" segment starts at 1:20 on this video.  Thanx Troll King for bringing that to my attention.


  1. Do you have a link to the apology. I have looked but couldn't find it. I saw one link on r/mr but when I watched the video I didn't see any apology, especially not at the point it said. I guess it could have happened so fast that I blinked and it was gone but I would like to watch the entire thing. Thanks and great blog.

  2. Feminist's and traditionalist's don't understand the MRM strategy(the thought is so terrifying they can't grasp it). Well the strategy differs based upon generation, but the basic strategy is extreme apathy(the number one killer of civilizations).

    Refusal to defend country, refusal of all "masculine" responsibilities the feminist/traditionalist matriarchy demands of us.

    Either women will wake up and answer for their crimes, or they will wake up to see foreign armies burning the Republic to the ground.

    Mutual Assured Destruction, ain't it a bi&^%.

  3. Thanks for your help spreading the word!

  4. the opiligy was pathetic from osbourne, the scientologist ,made a decent hash at it but you can tell they were pushed into it. But the fact it had to happen says a lot about what we all managed to do .

  5. First...glad to see you back!

    Second...In a way, Im glad this whole Talk debacle happened because it really highlights how much gyno-centrism has permeated the mainstream. If this had been a bunch of man making comments like this about an abused and sexually mutilated and left for dead woman, the outrage toward the commentators would have been immediate and probably violent (which Im not advocating).
    Instead, show producers allowed it to continue and aired it, the audience (of mostly women) applauded and cheered, and NO ONE except that actress who played Darlene on Roseanne made even a half hearted attempt to put the brakes on it.

    The whole thing is disgusting, and whats even more shameful is that it takes something like this to bring people's attention to men's rights and the problem of misandry

  6. To castrate someone means to remove their testicles. What Kieu did was more akin to an amputation as she completely cut off the penis.

  7. Interesting that the only one to act with decency was Sara Gilbert - the lesbian.

  8. What I found most disgusting is that except for Sara Gilbert, these women are mothers. What if it were their sons being castrated? Would they find it so entertaining then? What it be "fabulous" as Osbourne claimed?

    But then and again, nobody took Oprah to task for their giggling and guffawing with Lorena Bobbit either....

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  10. “’Men's Rights’ Groups Have Become Frighteningly Effective."

    Frighteningly effective. Oooh, I like the sound of that.

  11. "The Talk" has, in my opinion, destroyed any positive headway the feminist movement made in the Bobbit case. In that case, the feminist movement (rightly) pointed out that an abusive rapist deserved to be punished. While the damage was not permanent in that case - it is akin to rape (striking out at his sexuality in a violent manner), but from an abused woman's standpoint, it was not nearly as bad as what she had done to him.

    On the other hand, "The Talk" condoned torture, mutilation, assault, and permanent disability for no other reason than filing for a divorce. If it had been a man to cut off all sexual characteristics of a woman and make her physically incapable of intimacy for the rest of her life, and men would joke about it, and laugh while apologizing, they would all be fired from CBS. The sad truth is that this did more to perpetuate the double standard that women, even the most successful, should not be accountable for anything. Which is a step away from saying women "don't know what they are saying".

    Sara Gilbert was the one shining beacon of sense there. She is the only one of that group that is a proper feminist in my opinion. The rest just try and make a living off the feminist movement, selling hard fought gains for ratings. It sickens me.

  12. People like David Futrelle have absolutely no idea what is going on with the revolt against feminism. It is far too vast and complicated for them to wrap their minds around.

    Futrelle, here's a clue-4-ya: stop fixating on "MRAs". They're only a small part of the picture.

    Also, what a lot of them (MRAs) are doing is not "activism" (as many people would understand it) but more like agitation and recruitment.

    In a way, I am glad that Futrelle and co. are so completely witless and clueless about all of this. It means that they have their heads up their ass, which makes them easy 'marks'.

  13. By the way, the acronym MRA stands for Male Renaissance Agitator. . .

  14. I have to admit, that I clicked on this article fully expecting more radical feminist rhetoric, but I am glad to say, I found it balanced, fair and a darn good read.
    As for the "apology"... it was backhanded at best. A real apology recognizes a wrong, expresses regret and shows a sincere desire to do better in the future. The ladies of The Talk, while saying they don't condone genital mutilation, failed to recognize their foul behavior and why it was inappropriate, made no indication that they would avoid such insensitivity in the future and showed no remorse or sincerity at all.
    Lastly @ Fidelbogen: MRA's don't need to agitate and recruit...There are plenty of folks like Sharon Osbourne doing that job for us.