Saturday, July 16, 2011

Big Sister Speaks

Sister Speak (also see Newspeak) – the deliberate impoverization of language by gender warriors of the feminist persuasion.  In an effort to wield social/political power, the aforementioned gender partisans attempt to simplify language by restricting vocabulary. The aim of such feminist thought leaders is to deflect adverse opinion and silence critics.  The enforcement mechanism ranges from the formal institutionalization of sanctions, to social ostracism.  The aim is to make any alternative thought, such as “sexism”, “ableism”, “ageism”, “heterosexism”, “classism”, “lookism”, “cis-ism”, “phallicism”, “fatism” and a profoundly long list of silly words (ending in “ism”)  ”thoughtcrimes" or "crimethink."  The concepts don’t stop at the “isms,” but continue with concepts that promote “heteronormativity.”   With the depletion of language, ideologically disallowed thoughts and expression will be impossible, by the process of removing any words or possible constructs which describe such disallowed ideas.

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  1. Very succinct analysis. Another trick they use is to render certain words meaningless by conflating their definition through inclusion of things that the word does not signify.

    Such as using the word "slut" to refer to straight men,when the definition of the word signifies a woman by necessity. I would argue it could be extended to SOME gay men who follow female mating patterns,typically, and are behaving especially uncharacteristically promiscuously,but for the typical man straight or gay? Ludicrous. Promiscuity is the default setting. Instead men are shamed for not having sex. And of course, no efforts by feminists to correct THAT double standard. In fact, from what I've seen, feminists are the main purveyors of male virgin-shaming with their "can't get laid" and "40 year old virgin" remarks that they carelessly fling about.

    Oops, I forgot that feminists only care about double standards when one appears to be obstructing the path of some activity they would personally like to take part in.

    Another word that has been under attack and we will see increasing attacks on is "rape". Pretty soon you will be able to purchase a "rapeburger" at McDonald's. Thanks to feminism, rape will mean literally anything that any man does,including cooking and selling food. The stigma will persist for a time, but somewhere near 2025,I believe rape will be the new thing to show that you're "edgy" like tattoos are now, all thanks to feminists.